Dan Crenshaw has a message for military WOKE brigade: We are NOT going to stand by as you CRIPPLE us

The absolutely insane woke military recruiting video featuring a cartoon of lib protesters and gay weddings and pretty much nothing militaristic or martial is just one of several WOKE messes that Biden’s military is putting out there.

They’re so ridiculous and embarrassing, and were savaged so viciously and thoroughly online, that the brave military leadership had to shut down the comments on YouTube.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, decorated war veteran and hero, explains that this is a clear message from him and all other veterans (and active duty who can’t say so but you know damn well they’re thinking it): ENOUGH. YOU WILL STOP.

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We aren’t going to let this subversive effort to undermine our military in order to weaken the country for even more aggressive Marxist revolt happen.