Days After Democrats Get Swamped In 2021 Elections – Biden And Kamala’s Approval Ratings Get Sent To Record Lows

Democrats might have thought they scored a win with that “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. But it doesn’t seem Americans are impressed. It’s only been a year since they’ve been in power, and the nation has been hit with near-endless crises.

Americans worry about how they will heat their homes this Winter. Some can’t even fuel up their cars to get to work. Drug cartels and criminals flood our open Southern border. Inflation will make this one of the worst Christmases on record. And Democrats keep ignoring us.

So, we shouldn’t be shocked to see Biden and Harris are the least popular people in the country.

From Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden’s approval rating hit 38% following Republican victories in Virginia and elsewhere, according to a USA Today poll released Monday…

Vice President Kamala Harris performed even worse in the poll, with just 28% of Americans saying they approve of her handling of the role.

Wow, this is pretty painful. But I’m sure Joe Biden won’t even pay attention to it. The latest poll from USA Today reveals that Biden and Harris have the lowest approvals on record. Biden’s approval is at 37.8% and Harris’s is at 27.8%.

What’s even more staggering about this news is that Biden’s disapproval is at a shocking 59%. Nearly 60 percent of Americans are giving him a failing grade. Harris’s isn’t that much better, at 51.2%. It seems, with each passing day, Biden continues to fail in front of America.

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The shocking truth is that these numbers, which haven’t been good since August, have not wakened up Biden or his party. They continue to upset and outrage Americans. But instead of actually changing their agenda and, I dunno, listening to voters, they keep pushing this socialist nonsense.

How much worse can Biden’s approval get? He is even outpacing the worst polls the liberal media cooked up against Trump. Mind you, this isn’t some far-right conservative poll. This is USA Today, a mainstream media outlet.

To make matters worse, Biden continues to push policies that are not in line with America’s values. He doubled down on his mandate, setting a deadline for January 4th. And even more recently, he’s mulling killing a pipeline that would cost America billions and end tens of thousands of jobs.

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