Days After Leaders Condemn Biden’s Evacuation – VP Harris Brags About Biden’s “Successful Drawdown” Of The U.S. Embassy

By most accounts and reports, the Afghanistan evacuation process hasn’t gone smoothly. In fact, many critics say it’s a big mess.

The Biden administration is under heavy fire for evidently botching the entire process, though the President has sworn they’ll get all Americans out.

Now, Vice President Kamala Harris might’ve just made another big mistake.

Republican leaders and other angry politicos in Washington D.C. aren’t happy with how Biden and Harris handled the ordeal.

Many are calling for mass resignations — this includes high-ranking officials in the White House and even the President himself.

And yet, in spite of this, VP Harris sees reason to boast.

In speaking to reporters in Singapore, Harris admitted there should be a “review” of the Afghanistan issue.

But she also heaped praise on one aspect of the situation (via Washington Examiner):

Speaking to reporters in Singapore, Vice President Kamala Harris touted a ‘successful drawdown’ of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, despite a volatile security situation for Americans and allies attempting to leave Afghanistan.

Harris first said there “will be and should be a robust analysis of what has happened.”

However, she also said the focus is on evacuation of U.S. citizens and so far, they’ve been “successful” in preventing American casualties.

That may be accurate but the timing of her boast seems ill-advised.

On top of that, the American people haven’t heard much from the Vice President since the fiasco broke last week.

Additionally, there are many Americans and allies still stranded in Afghanistan, which is now controlled by the Taliban.

Given the situation, many people say boasting about any aspect of the evacuation is in bad taste.

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Thousands of citizens are still trying to get out. And Republicans argue that we wouldn’t have needed a “drawdown” of the U.S. Embassy if the takeover had never happened.

President Biden said the Taliban coup happened faster than they thought.

This excuse doesn’t seem to be going over well with this critics, though. And Harris’ boast is being frowned on as well.

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