Days After Queen AOC Prances Around Florida – The Democrat Reports She Is Back At Home After Testing Positive

We brought you the news that far-left progressive AOC was spotted in Miami, FL. Critics called her a hypocrite for pushing extreme restrictions while enjoying the freedom of conservative Florida. But not only did she not apologize, but she was also later seen partying at a crowded bar, maskless.

Her best response? Her critics were just upset they couldn’t date her. Weird. It never occurred to her that Americans were disgusted that she’d demand restrictions on New Yorkers she refused to follow herself. But now it looks like Karma has come for Miss AOC. Because she just tested positive for COVID.

From Fox News:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a statement from her office on Sunday night.

According to a statement, the congresswoman is recovering from the virus at home and is experiencing symptoms. Ocasio-Cortez received her booster shot in the fall, according to the statement.

Ironically, a far-left Democrat who supported mandates, boosters, and masks—and who was seen flouting those rules in Florida—contracted the virus. She had no problem ignoring all the rules she supported in D.C. and New York. She demanded restrictions on most Americans that she herself had no problem setting aside so she could vacation.

And now she is sick.

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We do not relish in a Democrats’ infection—and like decent humans, we wish her well. But we cannot help but wonder if this episode is going to finally knock some sense into this progressive “squad” member. She was quick to insult people who pointed out how hypocritical it was for her to criticize free Florida, but later vacation there.

As was typical, the Democrat refused to acknowledge where she was wrong. Like a child, she made unsubstantiated accusations against people simply pointing out the obvious. AOC has become a poster child for Democrats who are unable to learn from their mistakes—or admit they were wrong.

Will she now at least acknowledge that all her rules might not make a difference? That locking down the country is not the way to go? Or will she continue to ignore the obvious and push her empty attacks?

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