Days After Supreme Court Drops the Gavel On Joe – The President Abandons And Withdraws His Business Mandate

President Joe Biden enacted several controversial policies in 2021, especially in regards to the pandemic. One of the most controversial was undoubtedly the mandate for big businesses.

However, this resulted in numerous lawsuits from business owners and employees, and many lawmakers called the rule unconstitutional. The debate ultimately went to the Supreme Court.

That’s when the high court blocked Biden’s ruling — and now, the administration has been forced to retreat.

Last November, Biden issued a mandate that businesses with 100 or more employees must require everyone to get vaccinated, or wear a mask and test regularly (this typically meant every day).

But the instant it was announced, various courts started to push back against the hotly debated mandate.

The battle finally reached the Supreme Court, where they blocked the Biden mandate on January 13. In a momentous 6-3 decision, the court ruled that the Labor Department didn’t have the necessary authority.

At that point, the President’s team had to accept that this mandate just wasn’t going to fly.

Via Washington Examiner:

The Biden administration will withdraw its workplace C9 vaccine-or-test mandate effective Wednesday in response to a Supreme Court ruling blocking the directive earlier this month.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, tasked with enforcing the mandate, announced Tuesday it was withdrawing the rule as an emergency temporary standard and will work on establishing permanent C19 workplace standards.

Despite the surrender, though, OSHA isn’t backing down on the mandate as a “proposed rule.”

They can’t enforce it but the agency stated that it “strongly encourages vaccination of workers against the continuing dangers posed by C19 in the workplace.” But this too is likely to be met with criticism.

The mandate would’ve directly impacted over 70 million workers who haven’t been fully vaccinated. And employers who didn’t comply were facing steep fines from OSHA (up to $14,000 per violation).

The entire situation seemed untenable to many citizens, and many others called it a blatant overreach of authority.

Lawsuits, general public outcry, and advocacy groups in at least 26 Republican-led states led the charge against the sweeping mandate, and they’re claiming victory for the time being.

Currently, there are plenty of questions concerning the efficacy and need of the vaccine, as studies show the Omicron variant might evade the vaccine. On top of that, health experts are saying it’s a far less serious strain.

Also, it’s important to note that nearly 74 percent of the American population has been fully vaccinated already.

If we add that to the number of people who already got the disease, many experts say we’re now at herd immunity. And further vaccines and boosters are already being questioned around the world.

In the end, though, Biden’s mandate is done. And again, it’s viewed as a big win for those who support individual freedoms.

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