Days After Teen Rapper Shoots NYPD Officer – New York City Actually Lets Him Walk Free After Paying Bond

The newly-elected mayor of New York is former police chief, Eric Adams. It seems voters voted this man in hoping that he would fight to keep the streets safe. But so far, he seems to have done nothing to end the growing tide of crime.

When cops were killed on his watch, the best he could do was hold a “roundtable.” Yeah, that’s not going to save lives. The same toxic policies are still in place that rewards criminals and put Americans at risk. In fact, a young man just shot a police officer. Instead of keeping him in jail, he was set free.

From Fox News:

A 16-year-old, up-and-coming rapper charged with shooting an NYPD cop in the Bronx walked free on bond Thursday — and cops are fuming over it.

Camrin Williams, who is also known by the rap name C Blu, posted his $250,000 bond after being locked up at a Brooklyn juvenile facility on gun and assault charges in the shooting of a 27-year-old cop in Belmont.

Williams was able to provide $15,000 in cash to get out of jail, thanks to an advance from a contract with Interscope Records. I guess this crooked music label considered a young man who shot a cop as an asset to their business, not a liability. Whatever the case may be, the man accused of shooting the cop is out, and many are outraged.

According to reports, this man had been caught carrying illegal guns twice. He fought with cops and shot a police officer. Should he be given such a low bail? If he wasn’t an “up-and-coming rapper” with connections, he probably would have been given a higher bail. Or would be denied bail entirely.

But this is how crooked New York’s current criminal justice system is. The laws on the books completely disregard the rights and concerns of law-abiding citizens. Instead, criminals walk free as cops are shot and killed.

Two police officers have already been killed in New York this year. Sadly, experts predict that trend will only continue. Mayor Adams claims he wants to clean up New York streets, but allows these kinds of policies to continue.

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