Days After Trudeau Disbands Freedom Convoy – The Prime Minister Refuses To Give Up His ‘Emergency Powers’

The world was shocked when Canadian PM Trudeau cleared away the Freedom Convoy. Not once did he bother to listen to them. Instead, he slandered them, insulted them, and wrote them off as a “fringe group.” Well, the fringe group has inspired millions around the world. So, Trudeau took severe action.

He took “emergency powers” for himself to remove peaceful protestors from Ottawa. He arrested many, who could face long jail times. But now that the convoy is gone, you’d think Trudeau would get back to doing things as normal. Of course, not. Just like a good leftist, he is refusing to give up his power.

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From Daily Wire:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not quite ready to loosen his grip on the emergency powers his government invoked to shut down the recent trucker protests that brought Ottawa to a standstill.

Trudeau said in a public statement that even though the protests had been disbanded and the truckers had been either arrested and detained or sent home — some with their financial accounts frozen as well — the state of emergency was not yet over.

Big shocker, Trudeau refuses to give up his emergency powers. Even though the Freedom Convoy was disbanded, he still claims there are threats lurking in the shadows. This sounds a lot like what Nancy Pelosi said in 2021 when she refused to send home thousands of National guardsmen from D.C.

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These kinds of leftists don’t much care about freedom or the rights of citizens. They jump on the chance to take power for themselves. Even when there is no clear reason for doing so, they refuse to give it up. Does Trudeau have any proof there is still a threat? Can he point to evidence that there is a reason he still needs this power?

The truckers were peaceful protestors, to begin with. All he had to do was hear them out and it would have ended on its own. Instead, he branded them enemies so he could steal power.

How long is he going to hold onto this power? Perhaps until the next election? Even beyond? Will Trudeau use this to suppress the freedoms of the Canadian people?

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