Days After Using “Pregnant Man” Flash Cards – Disgraced Elementary School Teacher Forced To Resign

The rift between teachers and parents continues to grow in America. This is mostly due to concerning shifts in curriculum and classes, as well as educators assuming too much control over children.

Some seriously questionable material is being allowed in classrooms today, and many parents are worried that they have no control over this ultra-liberal agenda.

But at least in one case, a teacher who crossed the line no longer has a job.

A few weeks ago, the news lit up with the story about a North Carolina elementary school teacher showing “pregnant man” flash cards to preschool and kindergarten students.

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The teacher (who was never named in the reports) taught at Ballentine Elementary School — but doesn’t anymore.

That’s because a “concerned constituent” got wind of it and contacted state Rep. Erin Pare, a Republican who represents Wake County. Unsurprisingly, Rep. Pare was shocked and dismayed at what was going on in that classroom.

Pare contacted the school principal, who then found out the teacher had been using gay- and transgender-themed flashcards to teach kids colors.

That’s when everything quickly fell apart (via Washington Examiner):

In a statement quoted by ABC 11, the Wake County School District said it was ‘concerned to learn of the inappropriate instructional resource found in a preschool classroom’ and that the flashcards were not part of the school district’s regular curriculum.

The school took fast action to get rid of those materials, and Rep. Pare applauded the quick move.

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She said “schools should only be using age-appropriate materials, and these flashcards clearly do not meet the standard for a preschool classroom.” Pare added that she hopes other schools will pay attention.

The teacher in question has since resigned, and might find it difficult to land another job in the state.

The situation is indicative of the contentious climate in schools: gender and sex-based instruction has come under heavy fire, and irate parents can’t believe some of the material their children are seeing.

But even worse is the fact that some teachers are taking matters into their own hands, and pushing an over-the-top leftist agenda — and without permission. As a result, it often comes as a surprise to parents.

In this case, the flash cards were not approved by administrators, and it’s another example of a teacher spreading his or her own political views in a classroom.

If these cases continue to pop up, expect parents to start calling for heavier education reforms. They’re also going to demand to know everything in the curriculum, and reserve the right to say, “I don’t want my child seeing or hearing any of this.”

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