De Blasio Says Cuomo Should Be Criminally Charged “If You Assault A Woman You Do Something Against Her Will Sexually That’s Criminal”

Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio has joined the chorus of both Republicans and Democrats demanding embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo resign.

“The whole thing has been so painful,” De Blasio said. “When you read this report — 11 women systematically wronged, 11 women affronted by a powerful guy who could crush their career and their reputation and he’s the kind of guy that everyone assumes would if you crossed him.”

“And he harassed them, he assaulted them in several cases — it’s not even close — and then he has the audacity to say, ‘Oh, you know, I like to hug people,” de Blasio continued.

Asked if Cuomo should be criminally charged, de Blasio replied “yeah.”

“If you assault a woman, you do something against her will sexually, that’s criminal,” de Blasio said. “And the Albany County district attorney is looking at that and I think he should be charged.”

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