Defund NPR: Paper Denounces The Declaration Of Independence

Traditionally, every 4th of July NPR has read the Declaration of Independence over the radio and published it however, this year they denounced the precious document calling it a “racist slur.”

From NPR: 

To win support from Southerners, the Congress removed criticism of the African slave trade. But a racist slur about Native Americans stayed in.

NPR stated that the only reason colonists rose up against the British empire was because of greed:

But a deeper look at history also shows that one of the reasons why the colonists wanted to rise up against the British — and wage the Revolutionary War — was over the question of who would try to colonize Native lands west of the colonies, Treuer tells Morning Edition. “The crown wanted that money for themselves. The colonists, understandably, would have preferred to have it for themselves. So the whole revolution was in large part fought over who got to take our stuff,” he says.

NPR concluded before they published the Declaration that it is a deeply flawed document: 

The declaration is a document with flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies. It also laid the foundation for our collective aspirations, our hopes for what America could be.

Think about this for a second a tax payer funded news organization slammed one of our founding documents that makes it possible for them to criticize the government. NPR should try publishing the same type of article in Hong Kong right now, they’d be jailed instantly. 

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