Democrat Arrested For 2nd Time In A Month – After Serious Violation 21-Year-Old Rep. Coleman Just Got Handcuffed

When someone is elected to office, they are given a serious responsibility. Those who voted for him expect him to be above suspicion. These are our leaders, after all. And their decisions can affect nearly every aspect of our lives. Because of that, we hold them to a higher standard. They are to not only follow the laws they pass but surpass in them.

How sad, is it, that so many politicians fail? Especially Democrats, who constantly claim to take the high road?

One state Democrat certainly seems to have trouble obeying the law. After being arrested for one problematic crime, he was released on bail. You’d think, after that, he’d keep his head down and do his best to follow the wrong. But you’d be wrong. Because he got arrested again.

From Daily Wire:

Aaron Coleman, the embattled 21-year-old state representative from Kansas City, was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated by Kansas State Police…

Coleman, a Democrat, was already out on bond for a previous arrest when he was arrested on Saturday… Police officers alleged in an affidavit at the time that Coleman pushed, hit, and spit on his 18-year-old brother during a fight that broke out between the two after the younger brother said he was going to be baptized.

Wow. Why do people keep voting for Democrats? Rarely does a day go by before we hear about some Democrat, from state or local government, who is arrested, indicted, or convicted for a serious crime. This one, a Kansas state lawmaker named Aaron Coleman, was arrested for drunk driving over the weekend.

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And that was after he had been released on bail for “domestic battery,” after cops arrested him for allegedly attacking his younger brother. What was the reason Coleman apparently beat up his brother? He simply wanted to be baptized. Yikes.

Coleman mysterious won the Democratic primary by a mere 14 votes. That happened after he admitted to doing some disturbing things while in middle school. His career hasn’t gotten any better and if these charges are accurate, it paints an ugly picture for this would-be leader.

The real question we have to ask is, why? Why would Kansas voters elect a man with such a tarnished record? Why would they keep voting for a party whose members are constantly getting nabbed for breaking the law?

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