Democrat ‘Exit List’ For 2022 Just Expanded – GOP Adds 13 Vulnerable Dems After The “Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever”

We’ve heard about how Democrats are in big trouble next year. A number of House Democrats could lose their jobs after the 2022 election, all thanks to their failures this year. Democrats sat back and egged on Joe Biden’s agenda, while inflation and other crises hammered Americans.

That has resulted in Republicans gearing up to retake Congress. They were already targeting numerous seats to flip red. And now, it appears Republicans are growing even bolder. Because they just added a few more seats to their “exit” list.

From Fox News:

With an increasing number of Democrats in the House of Representatives announcing they’re retiring or running for another office in 2022, the reelection arm of the House GOP is adding 13 additional members to their so-called “Democrat Exit List.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is also taking aim at House Democrats it considers vulnerable in next year’s midterms with a new digital ad blaming them for the rise in inflation this summer and autumn.

Republicans are adding 13 more seats to their list of congressional seats they want to take in the 2022 midterms. They are launching new efforts to target those empty seats (with retiring Democrats) and those liberals struggling to stay alive.

This year has been hard for many Americans, thanks to hurt businesses, rising costs, and increasing inflation. This holiday season is poised to be worse than any in memory, because of how the left derailed the economy. Americans might not be able to buy turkeys this year, because of how much Democrats failed.

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Republicans are airing ads targeting Democrats in vulnerable districts. There are many Democrats in swing states that will have a hard time winning reelection. All there needs to be is a strong conservative to take their place and it’s all over.

Heck, there might be several Democrats from deeply blue districts that are getting worried right about now. Seattle elected a Republican city attorney this year. Anything can happen.

Unless Democrats can rapidly turn around their agenda, they might not have much of a chance. As the economy continues to struggle, their prospects continue to get bleak.

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