Democrat Governor Whitmer Caught In California – While Michigan Suffered She Was Holding Hollywood Fundraisers

The crisis from 2020 exposed what kind of leaders we have at the state level. While most governors struggled to come up with the best response, Republicans came out on top. Those who had restrictions quickly relented, so their economies and communities could recover. That was not the case with Democrat-run states.

Liberal governors gobbled up power and refused to give it back. They often defied their own state legislatures to ensure their emergency powers continued long after they were needed. In one state, the governor was outed for shocking acts of hypocrisy. Well, things haven’t gotten any better. This same governor was exposed for hob-knobbing with celebrities, while her state suffered.

From Fox News:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer attended cross-country fundraising events in California while her home state was leading the country in COVID-19 cases…

On Nov. 16, 2021, Detroit News headlines said “Michigan leads the nation in new COVID cases,” and “Michigan is now the worst COVID-19 hot spot in nation.” That same day, Whitmer was in California for a fundraising event, according to the 2021 fundraising reports.

The event was held at a private residence in Los Angeles, and Whitmer raised approximately $78,000 from the appearance. This was one stop on an apparent multi-day trip to California.

How nice. Gov. Whitmer was raking up the cash from Hollywood celebrities, while her state was suffering. It was leading the country in infections and cases, while she was sunning herself in California. Instead of focusing on helping her people, she was too concerned with raising money for her next campaign.

I guess we know where her priorities are.

What’s really disgusting about this story is how often Democrats slandered Republican governors. They claimed these conservatives were jeopardizing the safety of their people for not forcing lockdown mandates, masks, and other demands. Yet leaders like Gov. DeSantis were working non-stop to help the sick and protect the most vulnerable.

What was Whitmer doing? Raising money for herself. Who is really despicable?

Whitmer is just one of numerous Democrat governors called out over the last few years. And not just over this issue. She has been implicated in a number of scandals. But, unlike Cuomo, has not yet paid the price for her sins.

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