Democrat Governors Turn On President Biden – They Just Admitted Reboot Is Needed For Frustrated Voters

It’s no secret that Democrats are in big trouble. This year, we will have midterm elections. These elections will determine the House, much of the Senate, and countless state and local elections. The balance of power can shift dramatically—and all the polls show Republicans are in the lead.

Joe Biden’s failures are piling up—hurting the rest of the party. Add to that the terrible leadership from Democrat governors—who locked up their states for years, closed schools, and hammered families and businesses with mandates. But instead of recognizing their own part in the disaster, these governors expect Joe Biden to “reboot” and save them.

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Good luck. From Fox News:

Democratic governors and gubernatorial candidates are “expressing deep anxiety” over voters’ frustrations with their party, as well as President Biden, driving fears of potential losses in elections this November…

“Democratic governors and their allies are expressing deep anxiety about the political conditions facing their party as President Biden’s approval rating slumps in a year when three dozen governorships are on the line, including in some of the nation’s most important battleground states,” the piece read.

Democrat governors held a little retreat in the Republican-controlled state of Florida. Funny how they didn’t bother going to California or New York—I guess those states are too expensive. These liberals are panicking since three dozen governorships will be decided this election. And Democrats have done themselves no favors over the last few years.

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It seems these governors are blaming Biden for most of the trouble. Sure, he’s mostly to blame. The man promised to “build back better.” But he’s only managed to tank our economy, open our border, and let bullies flourish all over the world. The entire party, especially those in Congress, will suffer this November.

The DGA expects Biden to “reboot” his agenda and, by extension, his party’s fortunes. Too late for that, folks. Biden tried to “reset” his administration early this year with a much-awaited press conference. Instead, he sealed his fate. His SOTU address will be a disaster since it comes as Russia bombards Ukraine.

But if these governors end up losing their re-elections, they only have themselves to blame. They were the ones who extended lockdowns, as red states reopened. They were the ones who kept schools closed, punishing millions of families and students. And they were the ones who pushed mandates that jeopardized the jobs of countless Americans.

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