Democrat Handout Revealed In Spending Bill – They’re Giving Billion-Dollar Tax Credit To The Media 1,500 Journalists

The Free Press is a pillar of the First Amendment and a free society. We need honest and talented journalists to spread the news and hold our leaders accountable. Unfortunately, the liberal bias in most news outlets makes free and honest news a rarity.

And Democrats are ensuring the news is even less impartial than ever before.

We all know that Biden’s bloated spending bill is loaded with all kinds of hidden goodies. Democrats want to raise taxes on the middle class, but give tax breaks to rich Democrats in blue states. But now, another hidden gem has been found in the spending bill: a major payday for liberal news companies.

From Americans for Tax Reform:

The reconciliation bill working its way through the U.S. House calls on the American taxpayer to subsidize Democrats’ media allies. The bill provides a special tax cut for the media under the guise of helping “local journalists” but eligible media companies will receive the funds for up to 1,500 reporters per company.

Democrats are trying to sneak a major tax break for media companies that have up to 1,500 reporters on staff. The specific language of the measure, hidden inside Biden’s spending bill, would give them a tax credit equal to 50 percent of a reporter’s wages.

That would be a massive payday for companies since it amounts to saving a ton of money, come tax day. And the more reporters on their staff, the more money they get in credits. But you might be thinking, “Isn’t this a good thing?” Don’t we want companies to pay fewer taxes?

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Think about it. This is simply a scheme for the liberal-controlled government to reward biased media outlets who have been helping them for years. We all know most of our mainstream media is staffed with Democrats. They go out of their way to protect Democrat politicians, including failed Joe Biden.

Even if a “local” news source isn’t biased, they will be much more willing to portray the government favorably, after receiving this benefit. This is not that much different than what Obama did while he was in office. His administration literally paid media companies to hire new staff, a perk that lasted well beyond his time in office.

Biden is trying to do the same thing. And it comes just as MSM outlets are starting to sour on him. After countless times of turning his back on them, ignoring their questions, reporters have less reason to support him. But if their companies get a nice kickback in the form of this bill? They just might be willing to shower Joe and his cronies with praise.

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