Democrat Kingpin Indicted on 22 Counts – Federal Racketeering Charges Land On Former Speaker Madigan

It never fails, you turn over a rock, you find a corrupt politician. We sound like a broken record when we talk about the many career politicians caught gaming the system to make themselves rich and powerful. On the federal level, crooked congressmen have gotten very good at making their schemes either unnoticeable or even legal (see: Pelosi and her stock-buying racket).

But local and state politicians can be just as dirty—only rarely are they exposed for who they really are.

Perhaps, this time, an allegedly dirty politician is about to face the music. This man served as the Illinois House’s speaker for years. He ruled the state with an iron grip, wield unchecked power for decades. It seems he used this power to break the law and make himself as rich as possible. Now, the federal government is making him face the music.

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From Breitbart:

Michael Madigan (D), the former speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives who held unchallenged power in the state for decades, was indicted Wednesday on federal racketeering charges, alleging that he participated in several bribery schemes…

A 22-count indictment was returned by a federal grand jury, The Chicago Tribune reported, the result of a years-long investigation of the longtime Democrat politician, who was for decades one of the most powerful lawmakers in Illinois.

Madigan was state House speaker for 35 years. He resigned last year amid the bribery investigation.

Folks outside Illinois might not know the name of Michael Madigan. But he served as the state House speaker for 35 years. That’s a heck of a long time for anyone to hold such a position of power (imagine if old Nancy had been Speaker for that long!). It seems like he had so much power, for so long, for a reason. Because federal law enforcement hit him with a staggering 22 counts of federal racketeering.

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Law enforcement is accusing Madigan of participating in several bribery schemes. As the investigation gained steam last year, he resigned from office. Not a great sign, Mikey. Perhaps he thought that by laying low, the Feds would lose his trail. Instead, they have come up with a whopper of a case.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about local politicians getting caught in these kinds of crimes. From bribery to extortion, local politicians from nearly every state have been outed trying to use their connections to get rich. Is it a big surprise to learn that so many of these politicians are also Democrats?

It’s pretty ironic. Most state and local Democrats pretend to be for the “little guy.” They win over blue-collar workers and labor unions to coast into office. Yet so often, these politicians stab the little guy in the back, getting rich in the process. They trample the rights of the people who voted for them, stepping on them to get to the top.

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