Democrat Majority Leader Lands Behind Bars – For Taking Bribes, Hawaii’s English Is Going To Prison For 40 Months

Once again, we have to report on a Democrat who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

The Democrat majority leader in Hawaii’s state senate was found guilty of wire fraud and taking gifts in exchange for killing a bill.

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And now, he just found out what his punishment will be.

From KITV:

[J. Kalani] English pleaded guilty to felony wire fraud, by not reporting money and gifts given to him in exchange for his efforts to kill a cesspool bill…

Judge Susan Mollway found when English took the bribes, “He was not under duress. He was not in need. This was a matter of greed.”

He was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison.

“This is a stain on Hawaii, on the Legislature and Hawaii politics,” said Common Cause Hawaii Executive Director Sandy Ma.

English was the majority leader of the Hawaii state senate. He was charged with wire fraud and receiving gifts in exchange for opposing a bill.

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He was forced to plead guilty, perhaps hoping for a lighter sentence. His lawyers were angling for 30 months in prison.

The judge did not agree. She sentenced him to 40 months in federal prison.

One legal expert called this story a “stain” on the state of Hawaii.

Hawaii is notoriously liberal, with some of the strictest, left-wing laws in the country.

Democrats enjoy a majority in their state legislature. Perhaps English thought he was immune to accountability when he took these bribes.

The judge blasted the former senator, saying he took the money out of “greed.” He wasn’t in “duress” or great “need.”

He just wanted the money, state laws or integrity be damned.

Time and again we learn about state, local, and federal Democrats getting caught up in these kinds of schemes.

But all too often, they never face the consequences of their actions. Mostly because their allies go out of their way to protect them.

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