Democrat Stacey Abrams Closet Swings Open – In Major Debt Before Governor’s Election, She Now Owns Millions In Homes

It seems folks on the left know how to cash in on public office. Some of them make bank—and they don’t even get elected!

Take leftist activist Stacey Abrams. Her run for Georgia governor was tanked after people discovered an old photo where she burned the state flag.

But you might not know that she started her 2018 campaign in debt by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Today? She is doing very well for herself, owning two homes worth over a million bucks.

From Fox News:

Former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams now owns two homes in Georgia collectively worth $1.4 million despite having been hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt before her unsuccessful run against Gov. Brian Kemp.

Wow. Why are so many supposed socialists buying up million-dollar houses? This is the second time in as many months where we heard about a leftist activist who owns several expensive houses.

I guess fleecing the poor with promises of socialism really pays off, huh?

Oh, was that too harsh? Then explain to me how a failed candidate for governor went from being in debt by hundreds of thousands of dollars becomes a millionaire, in less than four years?

She lost her election, yet went on to collect big bucks. And there is no obvious reason for this major financial windfall.

We do know she works with the Democratic Party. She was vocal in Georgia politics all this time, even in the 2020 Election.

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But where did the cash come from to buy two houses worth so much?

We’re not saying she did anything against the law. It’s just strange how often Democrats get filthy, stinking rich.

The Founding Fathers considered running for office a duty. A service to the public. Not a means to get rich quick.

Yet the left has somehow found a way of exploiting our democracy, for their own profit.

Isn’t that a contradiction of what they claim to believe? I’ll let you decide.