Democrat State Shaken By 2nd Amendment Victory – Constitutional Carry Heads To Desk Of Blue Pennsylvania Governor

With Joe Biden making one mistake after another in D.C., it falls to the states to uphold Americans’ freedoms. Even as the federal government pushes unconstitutional mandates, Republican leadership in states like Texas and Florida are fighting back. But they aren’t the only ones sending a message to D.C.

We are seeing major shifts take place in historically “swing” and blue states. Virginia just elected a Republican governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. Even Seattle elected a Republican city attorney. Now, another notoriously blue state’s legislature just rocked liberals. They passed a law that outlaws conceal carry permits.

From Breitbart:

Legislation that would make Pennsylvania the 22nd constitutional carry state passed the state house yesterday and is heading to Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) desk.

The Associated Press reports that the legislation would do away with any municipal-level permit requirement for open carry and end the statewide requirement that law-abiding citizens get a permit in order to conceal carry.

Pennsylvania’s legislation successfully passed a bill that would provide constitutional carry for residents of the state. This kind of law eliminates the need to own a permit to carry a concealed gun, while outside of your home. The bill made it through the state’s lawmakers, heading for the governor’s desk.

Just the fact that PA lawmakers were able to get this bill through is a major sign of the time. The liberal governor might veto it, but this marks a shift in the climate and attitude of the state. They elected enough legislatures that they were able to pass a major 2nd Amendment bill. That kind of momentum is not going to go away.

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If the governor vetoes it, he is taking his stand on gun rights. The voters are going to remember it. Come election time, Republican candidates in PA can remind voters what Gov. Wolf did. They can clearly show PA residents that local Democrats are opposed to their 2nd Amendment rights.

What will happen then? If they can get a bill this far, then it might signal changes to the governorship.

Democrats in the state legislatures are complaining, saying this is not an issue that is important to Pennsylvanians. Really? Have you bothered to ask them? There are many patriotic Americans in the state—and I’m sure they all would appreciate not having their rights restricted. Perhaps these liberals would bother to find out what the locals want, before speaking for them.

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