Democrat Tells Morning Joe That Capitol Riot Was WORSE Than Benghazi

Claire McCaskill actually claimed today that the Capitol riot was worse than Benghazi and therefore it deserves a major investigation or something:

It’s unbelievable what Democrats say to justify their political witch hunts.

In Benghazi, our ambassador to Libya was murdered, along with a State Department information Officer and two CIA operatives who where were also former Navy SEALS. Our consulate was attacked by a foreign adversary, a group of armed, militant Muslims, and our people there were left undefended by the Obama administration. They were left to die, and unfortunately these four did.

And nobody but Republicans cared about investigating what happened there. Democrats politicized it like they do everything.

While the Capitol riot was ugly and certainly something that never should have happened, only one person died as a result of the riot itself – Ashli Babbit – and she was one of the rioters. I know ya’ll disagree with me on her death, so I’m not even going to go there.

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But my point is these two incidents were very different. One was an armed attack on our country (via our consulate) and one was not. You’ll never convince me that the riot on January was anything close to as bad as what happened in Benghazi.


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