Democrats Are So Desperate After Biden Debacles – They Are Headlining Hillary Clinton At Democrat Convention Hinting At 2024 Run

It’s safe to say that Democrats lack anyone that can excite their base. Obama is long gone. And what they have in his place is a tired old man that seems to be suffering from dementia. Who else do they have on the bench? AOC? Bernie Sanders? None of these crackpots can unite voters and help them win in 2022 and beyond.

How bad is it getting? Well, some Democrats are trying to dig up a fossil that let them down twice already. Someone that is more polarizing than Donald Trump—and far less likable. An establishment figure that makes puppet Joe Biden look like William Wallace. You know who I’m talking about. The OG old crone herself.

From Fox News:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is slated to speak at the New York State Democratic Convention next week, according to sources who spoke to CNBC.

“She’s beloved by the mainstream members of the Democratic Party and her popularity is likely higher than that of President Biden,” a person familiar with the arrangement told the outlet. “It’s good for her because it keeps her relevant, and her appearance is likely meant to galvanize the party and the audience.”

The DNC is very much out of ideas. Hillary Clinton is slated to speak at the New York State Democratic Convention. On person connected to the plans claim this is to “galvanize” the party, after Biden’s constant failures.

That’s quite the risk, pinning your hopes on uniting the party behind Clinton. Perhaps, this even suggests some within the DNC are hoping she’ll make another run for the White House? Insanity, to say the least. You can’t unite a party behind someone who’s proven she’s only out for herself.

Or have we forgotten how she exploited the State Department under Obama to make herself rich? Or how she took over the party before the primaries were over, conspiring to defeat Bernie Sanders? Or how she promised to provide cash for candidates in 2016 but gobbled up all the money for her (lost) campaign?

Should Democrats prop up Clinton for a third time, it proves they really have lost it. They don’t understand Americans. They don’t even understand politics.

But, it would certainly be entertaining to watch them crash and burn. Again.

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