Democrats Just Lost Their Major Election Edge – New Poll Shows Their Significant Lead Is Gone With Hispanic Voters

Democrats have a very big problem. Yes, you probably know that by now, if you are paying attention. Thanks to Joe Biden’s failed administration, more and more voters are turning on the party. Recent polls reveal a red wave could sweep Republicans into power in 2022, flipping Congress red.

But the problem is bigger than Democrats realize. Biden’s bad decisions have already cost them Virginia and other areas. Now, it seems they are losing ground with a group they absolutely need to hold onto. The numbers don’t lie, though, and it seems Democrats are in deep trouble.

From Fox News:

A new poll from The Wall Street Journal found that Hispanic voters are now split between Republicans and Democrats on the generic ballot at 37%. A further 22% responded that they were undecided…

Hispanics were also divided nearly evenly on the question of a 2024 presidential rematch. In an identical election between President Biden and former President Trump, 44% stated they would vote for Biden, while 43% said they would vote for Trump.

Nobody could have predicted this (except maybe Trump himself). Democrats are losing support from Hispanic Americans. The group appears to be swinging to the right, as more of them are starting to support the GOP. Such a shift will be devastating to Democrats come election time, as they need minority votes to win.

We’ve been seeing this trend all throughout the year. Several special elections were held in Texas in 2021. Candidates were running in largely Hispanic towns and districts, close to the border. And, what do ya know, Republicans won again and again. In some places, this was the first time a GOP candidate took the victory.

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That’s a very bad sign for Democrats. And it’s not just about elections. Democrats pride themselves on being “inclusive” and “diverse.” Much of their messaging is that they are the party that supports people of color. And that Republicans only care about rich, white people.

But that narrative is completely shattered if half or more of the Hispanic voters break for the GOP. Democrats can’t claim they are the only ones that care about minorities if so many of them vote for the other party.

Democrats are already making excuses for these numbers. They claim they just need to do a better job at “reaching” Hispanic voters. But these Americans have seen what Democrats can do when given power. And they are not impressed. They want what we all want, a safe border, good education for their children, and—oh yeah—an economy that’s not terrible.

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