Democrats Now Say $15 Minimum Wage Isn’t Right – Instead They Want To Jack It Up To $26 Per Hour

They say if you give someone an inch, they’ll take a mile. And if you give a socialist a dollar, they’ll take $3.5 trillion.

For years, leftists have been demanding the government raise the minimum wage to a staggering $15/hour. That is a government-mandated wage for entry-level jobs that some could argue aren’t worth the current $7.25/hour.

While some states do in fact require this high wage, the federal government has not endorsed it. But apparently, that’s not even good enough for some leftists. Because they are demanding even more.

From CBS News:

If the minimum wage had kept pace with gains in the economy’s productivity over the last 50 years, it would be nearly $26 an hour today, or more than $50,000 a year in annual income, one economist notes…

“That may sound pretty crazy, but that’s roughly what the minimum wage would be today if it had kept pace with productivity growth since its value peaked in 1968,” wrote Dean Baker, senior economist at the left-leaning Center for Economic and Policy Research, in a recent blog post.

Boy, these leftists are just losing their minds, huh? One far, far-left “economist” claims that companies like McDonald’s should be paying the people who do a terrible job mopping the floors $26/hour. This communist, I mean “economist” claims that is consistent with the economy’s productivity.

How did he get those numbers? The economy’s productivity? Really? Salaries are based on the worker’s output and what he offers to the company. Not a vague metric like the entire nation’s productivity.

This so-called expert is using fancy-sounding words to justify a wage hike that most companies cannot afford. Already companies that normally offer entry-level jobs to young people so they can get started earning a living are replacing people with machines.

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To avoid this socialist takeover of our economy, restaurants, stores, and other businesses are swapping out humans for automated kiosks. If anything is more “productive” it’s machines that take jobs away from teenagers and working moms.

And let’s not forget that by forcing companies to pay Americans so much for so little, it encourages them to hire “non-Americans.” You know who I’m talking about. Folks that are happy to get paid well below the minimum wage, because the money is under the table.

These leftists are pushing for a policy that will take jobs away from Americans who need them the most.

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