Dems Argue Between Each-Other Over The 2022 Midterm Upcoming Defeat!

Democrats are having problems as the 2022 midterms are approaching, and their defeat is secured! If they remember the November 2020 election, they know that they have to commit fraud to win. We won’t allow that all over again.

The Dems have already started blaming each other for the defeat. The Senate is in play!

Some of the concerns are about the DNC chair, Jaime Harrison.

The AP reported:

He’s not particularly close to the White House. He’s never won statewide office or a seat in Congress. And just last year, he lost a high-profile Senate race by double digits.

But if you ask him, Jaime Harrison will tell you he is uniquely prepared to lead a Democratic Party confronting fierce Republican obstruction, intense infighting and the burden of history heading into next year’s midterm elections…

Harrison is leading a party in peril.

A year after seizing control of Congress and the White House, Democrats are struggling with painful losses across several states in the recent off-year elections that raised serious concerns about a much larger Republican wave in 2022. Suddenly, the Democratic optimism of this spring has been replaced by doubt as party officials ponder whether they have the right message, the right messengers and the right political strategy.

The finger-pointing has already begun.

DNC members, who accepted Harrison as President Joe Biden’s pick for chair in January, have begun to grumble about his limited engagement with the rank-and-file activists and state party officials who do much of the day-to-day heavy lifting in Democratic politics. Others believe the White House isn’t giving him the freedom he needs to do the job well.

If the Republicans bring back the House, Joe Biden’s plan will be ruined, frozen. If they take the Senate too, Biden will surely face impeachment.

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