Dems Licking Their Wounds GOP Wins Another Major Battle For Voter Integrity Laws

The hits keep coming, liberals once again lose big in court, a federal judge smacks down petition to block Georgia’s voter integrity law. 

A decision in federal court said a liberal group’s request for an injunction did not show constitutional harm and it would disrupt looming elections in the state. 

“The Court is not persuaded by Plaintiffs’ argument for a bright line exception to Purcell because they have alleged First Amendment harm. Plaintiffs have not provided authority, nor is the Court aware of any, that would support this interpretation of the law,” U.S. District Judge J.P. Boulee ruled. 

Boule noted that he wasn’t going to change the election laws “in the ninth inning” citing that Georgia has runoff elections for state House seats later in July. 

“Election administrators have prepared to implement the challenged rules, have implemented them at least to some extent and now would have to grapple with a different set of rules in the middle of the election,” Boulee wrote in an 11-page order. “The risk of disrupting the administration of an ongoing election … outweigh the alleged harm to plaintiffs at this time.”

Georgia’s voter integrity law just survived its first test in court, it still faces a second challenge filed by the US Department of Justice however, they are expected to lose. 

The Georgia ruling follows the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Arizona’s voter integrity law that bans ballot harvesting and counting votes cast in the wrong precincts. The high court ruled that the required security provisions do not target minorities and are constitutional. 

Marilyn Marks, executive director of the Coalition for Good Governance, who filed the suit in Georgia said more lawsuits are on the horizon. 

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“We’re concerned about the voter confusion that will no doubt occur with these little-known rapid changes to the rules, including the required information on ballot applications and the short deadline for applications to be received in this last week before the election,” Marks said.


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