DeSantis Squashes Talk Of Beef With Trump

Last week the Washington Examiner used anonymous sources to claim there was some beef between Trump and DeSantis regarding his rally. We covered it on Friday, where his spox had denied it, but apparently there’s more out today on this:

NY POST – Governor Ron DeSantis’ office is throwing cold water on a report from over the weekend claiming that he and former President Donald Trump had a dispute over the Saturday night rally in Sarasota, Florida — saying the story of a “feud” is “inaccurate reporting.”

According to a statement from the governor’s press secretary Christina Pushaw, “Contrary to inaccurate reporting based on anonymous sources, the Governor never suggested cancelling the event. I’d also like to emphasize that there was never, at any time, a ‘plea’ from Governor DeSantis or anyone on his team to cancel or postpone the rally. There was never a ‘feud” either.’”

According to the statement DeSantis did not attend the Trump rally in the Sunshine State because of “his duty is to be in Surfside working to ensure the families and community have what they need in the aftermath of the tragic building collapse.”

A large section of the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida collapsed on June 24th resulting in dozens of confirmed deaths and over a hundred missing persons feared lost in the wreckage. The rest of the building was demolished on Monday ahead of a potential hurricane bearing down on the state.

Trump himself told Newsmax that he was the one who told DeSantis not to attend the event, saying, “We mutually agreed. He is working very hard. He is doing a very good job…I told him: ‘You should stay there, this is not that important for you.’ He of all people should be there [in Surfside].”

The initial report from the Washington Examiner quoted an unnamed Republican official who claimed that Trump had failed to “read the room” by holding his rally after the deadly building collapse in Surfside. Pushaw confirmed that Trump and DeSantis had spoken on the phone before the rally and she tamped down any speculation that there was beef between the two.

That speculation flamed up in the media over the weekend not only as a result of the Examiner report, but also because Trump failed to mention DeSantis at his rally even while praising several other local GOP officials.

I would have hoped that the Washington Examiner would do a better job on confirming something like this, especially if they are going to base it on an anonymous source. But it looks like they got bit by their anonymous source just like MSM reporters often do when they use them.

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I just hope they work out their issues and don’t make it a habit of reporting fake news. It’s ok to be wrong once in a while, as long as you fix the problems that led you to being wrong.


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