‘Destroy What Is Destroy What Was’: Levin Exposes DANGER Of American MARXISM And Feckless BIDEN In Interview With Pete Hegseth

Biden is the puppet of the Marxists. We know this. We see it every day.

His administration is a tool and a vehicle for this brand of American Marxist ideology. The “progressives” want to remake the U.S. according to those American Marxist ideals, and as we know for sure, they are in the driver’s seat.

Tonight, Mark Levin and Pete Hegseth are going to talk at length about the threat from Marxism, and about the Biden administration, too. In the clip below, Hegseth asks Levin about what it is that makes Marxist ideology to persist and persist in American politics.

There is more than one part to the answer, and it’s important to understand them all.

“Despite all the examples of how horrendous and inhumane Marxism and its offshoots have been, a hundred million dead and God knows how many billions enslaved. You know, it just wasn’t done the right way.”

Seriously they say that all the time, and they think it. As usual, Mark Levin is dead on.

I also liked “I don’t know where all these people are who couldn’t vote? Where are they? What are their names, where are their lawsuits?”

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The full interview airs tonight. I will try to remember to put the entire video up before the night is over.

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