Devin Nunes Just Ditched Congress For Trump – The Congressman Is Leaving To Be Donald’s New Media CEO

Former President Donald Trump’s new media company is picking up plenty of steam. Recently, we learned the Trump Media & Technology Group has raked in over $1 billion in investments.

They intend to launch a new social media network, along with a streaming service dedicated to airing only “non-woke” programming. And it’s all scheduled to launch in 2022.

Now, Trump just earned a valuable ally — and this old friend is ditching Congress to join Donald.

California Republican Devin Nunes is the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, and he’s been a strong GOP leader for years. He also supported Trump during his term in office.

And while Congress can always use staunch conservatives, Rep. Nunes has decided to move on to another post.

While other representatives are leaving to go for state positions like Governor, Nunes has decided to help Trump in his new endeavor. And in fact, it’ll be Nunes who will lead the charge.

He didn’t just accept a simple managerial role in Trump’s company — he’s going to be the CEO in January 2022.

In an email to his constituents, Nunes explained the reason for his departure (via Washington Examiner):

Recently, I was presented with a new opportunity to fight for the most important issues I believe in.

I’m writing to let you know I’ve decided to pursue this opportunity, and therefore I will be leaving the House of Representatives at the end of 2021.

It’s also been my privilege, as Chairman and then Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, to meet with members of our armed services and our intelligence agencies throughout the world — I’m awed by the sacrifices these patriots make in service to their nation.

It sounds like Nunes is excited about his new job, but that might not be the only reason he’s leaving.

California has issued drafts of the redistricting map, and it shows that Nunes would be in a tough spot: he’d either have to run in a different district, or try for reelection in a Democrat-run district.

Either option likely would’ve been difficult for Nunes.

So in that way, Trump’s offer came along at exactly the right time. However, on the other hand, if the GOP flipped the House in 2022, Nunes probably would’ve been chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

But the decision is made now, and Trump’s team is happy to have Nunes. Said Trump in a statement:

Congressman Devin Nunes is a fighter and a leader. He will make an excellent CEO of TMTG.

Devin understands that we must stop the liberal media and Big Tech from destroying the freedoms that make America great.

America is ready for TRUTH Social and the end to censorship and political discrimination.

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Nunes added that “the time has come to reopen the internet and allow for the free flow of ideas and expression without censorship.”

One of the primary goals of TRUTH Social is to fight back against the perceived silencing of right-wing views on major social media networks. Many conservatives believe this is happening on a daily basis.

Trump himself was booted off Twitter, and when the President of the United States gets banned from a supposed “free speech platform,” people start asking questions.

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