Did The First Major Election Whistleblower Just Come Forward?

I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for this moment since November!

A con so large….

A steal so big….

There had to be hundreds if not thousands involved in pulling it off.

How long until their conscience could no longer bear the secret?

Or perhaps how long before one flips in order to avoid jail?

Looks like it may have just happened TODAY!

In fact, Hank Kunneman said this would start to happen and it looks like he was right again:

Let’s take a look at what happened….

It all went down on Code Monkey Z’s Telegram page.

Code Monkey Z is ran by Ron Watkins, as many of you know.

He started posting in a flurry this afternoon and I’ve got all the posts for you right here.

Read for yourself:

TRENDING : Leaked Report Of Biden’s New Bill Hits The Internet – Picture Shows The Impossible To Read Monstrosity Is Over 2700 Pages Long

Reaction on Twitter was instant:

So, what’s my take?

I’ll say this…..we don’t know yet.

The photos posted by Ron don’t appear to be anything special, they look more like placeholders to me.

And as far as I have seen, no actual evidence or allegations have been posted yet.

So we wait and see, but I have a feeling things are about to get REAL interesting REAL fast….

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