Don Jr. With An EPIC Zinger Launched At The Disgraced Lincoln Project!

Dems are to blame for the debacle in Virginia. The first one on the list is Terry McAuliffe! He’s a dud. He isn’t popular, and he never was, even though he was a governor a couple of years. Why did they rerun this fool?

We don’t know, but he may be needed more money.

He isn’t good to be a candidate. Things started sliding downhill, and he busted out the old Dems dirty book and ran their favorite drama called racism.

They rounded up five young VD Democrats and dressed them like a while nationalists, complete with tiki torches, and forced them to pretend to be Youngkin supporters. Everything backfired, and now we know the truth!

Their stunt backfired epically, and many people know that they wanted to ruin Youngkin.

The Lincoln Project, still under the dark suspicion cloud after the pedophilia scandal ruined them.

But nothing was so sharp and so good as the tweet Don Jr. published. It’s one for the record books if you ask me.

“The Lincoln Project is almost as good at electing Republicans as they are protecting pedophiles. Congrats, guys!” Don Jr stated.

Don Jr.has the wit of his father.

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