Donald Trump And Melania Receive Major Honor – The Former First Couple Is The New Star Of Dubai’s Madame Tussauds

Despite what the MSM might say, Donald and Melania Trump are stars all over the world. We know just how much millions of Americans continue to support and cheer 45 and his wife. But even in countries across the globe, people celebrate Trump and his family.

That’s particularly true in the Middle East. The 45th president made a big splash in the region. He brokered treaties with unlikely countries. And he landed trade deals that brought wealth back to America. And now, one country is giving Trump and Melania a major honor.

And people all over the world will flock to see it.

From Newsmax:

In the United Arab Emirates, home to the only Trump-branded golf course in the region and rulers who for years cultivated warm ties with the former U.S. president, Donald Trump is back in the spotlight…

The two are some of the stars of Dubai’s new Madame Tussauds, the tourist-friendly wax statue museum known for its celebrity likenesses that ceremonially opened its first Middle East branch here on Wednesday.

Famed Madame Tussauds is opening up a new was museum in Dubai. And two of their first attractions are wax statues of Donald Trump and his wife Melania. The museum appears to be a centerpiece for the city’s attractions. It is located on a small artificial island off the coast.

Just sixty celebrities will be featured at the museum, including Kylie Jenner, Xi Jinping, and Bollywood stars. But it seems the collection was not complete without Donald and Melania.

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This reveals just how respected and admired Trump is among folks outside the U.S. Our media doesn’t like to admit it, but the success and leadership of the Trump family inspire people in many foreign countries. He was heralded during his trip through Asia.

And even media outlets overseas recognized his fame and class.

The exhibit will feature the 45th president, sitting at a desk, wearing his signature tie. The statue of Melania will stand beside him. Trump will be checking his smartphone, perhaps a nod to his biting remarks on social media that were the scourged of his enemies.

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