Donald Trump Beats Joe Biden Once Again – This Time He Had Millions More Viewers For His First SOTU

Last Tuesday, Biden gave his long-delayed State of the Union address. Critics have torn apart the inaccurate, weak, and largely pointless speech. Even some Democrats rejected Biden’s statements, with two liberals responding afterward (normally, only the rival party “responds”).

It’s safe to say it was one of the worst speeches from a president who has a terrible track record.

But the problems keep piling up for old Joe. Chances are, you didn’t bother watching Biden’s SOTU. You probably had something better to do, like watching paint dry or going to the dentist. That seems to have been the sentiment among most Americans. Because despite being Biden’s first SOTU (with major issues happening all over the world), he couldn’t match Trump’s ratings.

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From Just the News:

Nielsen ratings show roughly 38.2 million TV viewers on Tuesday night watched President Biden’s first State of the Union address.

That figure was higher than the 37.2 million watched President Trump’s final, 2020 address but was roughly 7 million less than the 45.6 million who turned on his first, in 2018…

In 2020, Biden addressed a joint session of Congress, which presidents give after their first few months in the White House, attracting about 27 million views. Trump’s similar address in 2017, drew 47.7 million, according to the Associated Press.

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It’s all bad news for Biden. Only 38 million people bothered to watch his State of the Union address. That’s 7 million less than what Trump was able to pull in on his first, at 45.6 million. That’s not even the full skinny. Biden only got 27 million viewers last year, during his address to the joint sessions of Congress. Trump? He brought in a mammoth 47.7 million.

Biden is on track to lag behind Trump every step of the way! Keep in mind, that most people who tune in for these events are folks who actually support the president. Some estimate around 80-90% of the viewers are from his party. Biden could only get around 38 million viewers, a small fraction of the number of Democrats in this nation.

Isn’t this the man who earned “80 million” votes in 2020? And he couldn’t even get half of them to watch his first SOTU? Doesn’t bode well for the rest of his term, does it? This speech comes a few months before Americans can give their verdict on Biden and his party at the midterm elections. And considering only 38 million were willing to watch his speech (of whom only a portion approved of it), Democrats should be very worried.

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