Donald Trump Gets Flooded By Florida Crowd – Former President’s History Tour Sets The Record Straight On Biden 2024

Months ago, we learned that Donald Trump was teaming up with conservative icon Bill O’Reilly to headline what they were calling a “history show.” The tour would give the 45th president and noted historian O’Reilly a chance to talk about America, our history, and the forces that are trying to erase it.

These events are hosted in large stadiums around the country. But unlike Trump’s free campaign rallies, these are paid events—like a show or concert. The media did their best to ignore or discredit this tour. But footage from one of these shows out of Florida hit social media. And these heavy hitters are drawing big numbers.

Massive crowd headed into FLA Live! The Trump/O’Reilly History show starts soon…

Looks like an impressive crowd to us—bigger than anything Biden has been able to pull in on his own. Here’s another example:

Lots of Patriots here in Orlando for the History Tour with President Trump and @BillOReilly

President Trump arrives at the History Tour in Orlando.

Apparently, some media outlets were trying to downplay the Trump/O’Reilly history show. They posted pictures and videos of the Orlando venue before the show began. It seems they were trying to claim it was an empty event, with the audience being a no-show.

But footage from people at the event tell a different story. Long lines outside the venue show just how many folks were eager to attend this event. Videos from inside the stadium show the massive crowds as they filled their seats. And other videos posted online show the intense excitement the audience showed the 45th president.

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We all know why the media is ignoring these facts. The liberals who run the MSM are terrified at the fact that Trump remains popular. Some polls from this year reveal Trump is more popular in some states than he was in the White House. And every GOP 2024 shows voters are eager to see him back in the Oval Office.

This is the real reason the left is trying to ignore Trump’s ongoing success. They seem to believe if they just ignore him, he’ll go away. But it appears he has even more clout than ever before. And Democrats should be getting pretty worried about 2024.

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