Donald Trump Just Drained Biden’s Swamp – He Seizes On Joe’s Weakness, Asks America ‘Do You Miss Me Yet’

Less than eight months since Joe Biden became president. But America couldn’t look more different.

On nearly every front, the administration is failing. The border is overwhelmed with invaders. Crime is at record levels.

Oil and gas prices (as well as groceries and more) are going through the roof.

Oh, and have you heard about Afghanistan? Yeah, the Taliban is out of control.

Now, Donald Trump is backing, burning down Biden’s swamp. He addressed the American people directly in a new statement.

“Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken Border, Crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and taken advantage of by the entire world—DO YOU MISS ME YET?”

Trump released a new statement, roasting Joe Biden’s historic failures.

After outlining just a few of Biden’s disasters, he called on the American people asking, “Do you miss me yet?”

We know many Americans’ answer to that: Yes!

Joe Biden’s inability to lead has hurt America too many ways to count.

Just inflation alone is enough to harm every American. But the open border and crime surges will reach every corner of the country.

Biden lays down as other nations take advantage of us, be it through bad deals or unending migrants.

And now, Afghanistan is falling apart, after Biden hastily withdrew our troops.

Remember, many think Trump was near a deal that would have secured peace in that country. But Biden ditched that deal and just pulled our soldiers.

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It seems like Biden has whatever is the opposite of the Midas’s touch. Whatever he touches turns to rot.

His administration seems to be run by political hacks who can’t lead themselves out of a paper bag. Even the liberal media can’t protect him—as his approval numbers by MSM polls are dismal.

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