Donald Trump Just Went 33 and 0 In Texas – Every Candidate Donald Endorsed Is Either Leading Or Won

Even though Donald Trump is no longer President, his influence remains sky-high in the Republican Party. He’s often talked about running again in 2024, and leads internal polling by a mile.

His pull goes beyond his own campaign, however. Trump’s endorsement frequently results in victory for GOP candidates around the country, as we saw numerous times in 2021.

And now, “the power of Trump” has struck again — this time in the Lone Star State.

The former POTUS has remained very active in the political sphere, and often endorses various candidates that support his way of thinking. And it’s no surprise that he’s a fan of many Texas politicos.

The bottom line is that if Trump backs a particular candidate, that individual appears to have a much better chance of winning.

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This fact appears to count double in the state of Texas, where leading lawmakers like Governor Greg Abbott have been allies of Trump in the past. And more Trump supporters are cropping up every day.

It’s Trump’s “kingmaker” status that was on full display in this week’s primaries, too.

From Breitbart:

Every candidate endorsed by former President Donald Trump in Texas’s Republican primaries have either won or are substantially leading their races as of 11:00 p.m. ET, potentially solidifying Trump’s kingmaker status in the first primaries of 2022.

The 45th president gave his stamp of approval — a much coveted prize among Republican hopefuls — to 33 candidates.

At the time of this writing, it seems Trump has gone a perfect 33 and 0 with his picks.

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This includes Gov. Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, both of whom easily won their primaries. This was expected but it’s quite the achievement for Trump to back every potential winner.

Here’s a statement from the former President:

Big night in Texas! All 33 candidates that were Trump endorsed have either won their primary election or are substantially leading in the case of a runoff.

Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick have won in a landslide. Thank you, and congratulations to all!

Trump backed incumbent Gov. Abbott, and helped out Republican nominees Monica De La Cruz and Wesley Hunt, both of whom were sitting at a solid 56 percent with more than half the votes counted.

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