Donald Trump Publicly Roasts “Crooked” Bidens – Claims He’ll “Start Painting Immediately” And He’ll Get $2M Per Canvas

The more we learn about Biden and his family, the more we get worried. Hunter Biden made big business deals… just as his father was negotiating with the same foreign countries. These days, Joe’s sudden has ditched business and found a career in “art.”

Ethics experts raised the alarm about Hunter Biden’s newfound art career. They warned it could create conflicts of interest with the president. The White House has ignored those concerns. Now, Donald Trump is weighing in on the situation. And he’s not holding back.

From Breitbart:

“While I have never painted before, Hunter has inspired me to immediately begin painting because I’ve always felt I have a talent at that, and could surely get at least $2 million dollars per canvas—and probably a lot more. I will begin immediately. Our Country is crooked as hell!” the 45th president said.

The president’s son reportedly sold at least five pieces of art to anonymous buyers on October 1 for $75,000 each at his Los Angeles exhibit.

Donald Trump bashed Joe and his son Hunter and this apparent art scheme. Hunter, who never painted before a day in his life, is selling his “art” for $75,000 a pop. Now, why would a serious art collector want to buy work from a non-established artist like Hunter—and for such high sums?

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President Trump is calling it into question. He mocked Joe and Hunter, saying if he started painting he could sell his “art” for at least $2 million/canvas. He lamented that nobody in the media or government is investigating this obvious conflict of interest, saying our country is “crooked as hell.”

He’s not far off the mark. How can anybody look at this situation and think, “Oh, nothing wrong here”? The White House refuses to assure Americans that nothing shady is going on. They even refuse to reveal the names of the buyers, making it even more concerned.

What is stopping these buyers from seeking special attention from Joe Biden? Heck, the Taliban or Iran could be buying these paintings—we’d never know! For the media not to be calling out what appears to be such a shameless scheme is appalling.

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