Donald Trump Tells America The Real Meaning Of Christmas – “Our Country Has A Savior And That’s Not Me”

With Joe Biden and Democrats running D.C. into the ground, Americans are looking for leadership wherever they can. In years past, we would see a kind, thoughtful, and appropriate message around Christmas time from the White House.

This year, however, all we got was a cold lecture about Biden’s mandate and how Americans who disobey are in for a miserable winter. No cheer or hope whatsoever. (That should tell you just how morally bankrupt this administration is.)

But the 45th president did not fail to deliver. Every year in office, he issued a heartfelt message during Christmas. And even now, he is issuing an appropriate and meaningful word during this time. It may seem dark right now, but Trump seems to know where we should be putting our focus.

From The Western Journal:

Trump attended [First Baptist Dallas] with his friend Dr. Robert Jeffress, who is the senior pastor…

“I think our nation is in great trouble,” he said. “There’s a lot of clouds hanging over our country right now. Very dark clouds. But we will come back bigger, better and stronger than ever. I’m telling you that.”

“Our country needs a Savior right now, and our country has a Savior, and that’s not me,” Trump said. “That’s somebody much higher up than me.”

You won’t hear anything like this coming from the Joe Biden White House. While crooked Joe is issuing statements about his doomed mandates, Trump is reminding America that there is a higher purpose for us to think about this Christmas.

Instead of harping on the old, usual political statements, he turned his attention to America’s real Savior.

When he spoke of the Savior, one “much higher up than me,” it triggered a chorus of applause and cheers from the congregation. His message struck a tone of hope and comfort. He didn’t push politics or force his agenda, he simply encouraged this church, focusing on God rather than himself.

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Trump often angered the progressive, secular left with his remarks on faith, especially during Christmas time. He often said in America, we worship God, not the government. And he boldly brought back “Merry Christmas” after years of PC “happy holidays.”

It’s no surprise that Trump is speaking about God during the holidays. Despite being a professed “Catholic,” Biden looks and sounds more like an atheist than anything else. We all remember when he couldn’t even quote the “all men are created equal” portion of the Declaration of Independence as if he couldn’t bring himself to speak about God.

The result of Trump’s message at this church was overwhelmingly positive. Members of the congregation appreciated it, even said he “represents” the values and beliefs of our country well—certainly better than old Joe.

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