Donald Trump Weighs In On Biden’s SOTU – Donald Predicts Joe’s Leadership Will Lead To Up To $200 Oil

The critics are weighing in on Joe Biden’s SOTU address. And they are not being kind. Even liberal outlets are hammering Joe for his inaccurate or outright false statements. Even the Washington Post gave him 3 “Pinocchio’s” for his attacks on Trump’s tax cuts, but Biden went ahead and repeated the claim anyway. And the 45th president was on hand to criticize Joe as well.

Donald Trump has not been pleased by Biden’s “leadership.” Trump helped produced a historic U.S. economy. Even during 2020, the country was on set to recover faster than any other nation. But thanks to Biden, we are at a standstill. And Trump predicted Biden will be responsible for one, terrible milestone.

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From Twitter:

President Donald Trump tells @MariaBartiromo oil prices cold go to $200 per barrel.

“They’re going unlimited.”

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Here’s one time most patriots probably hope Trump is wrong. The 45th president slammed Biden’s speech, saying under him, oil prices could reach $200 a barrel. That would result in staggering energy and gas costs for every American. Trump said “They’re going unlimited,” referring to how high the prices could get.

Thanks to Biden, America is producing far less energy than we were just a few years ago. It has forced Americans to buy oil from foreign nations, including Russia. These energy producers have no need to increase production, just because we are hurting. In fact, they are more than likely to slow their own production, to see the price skyrocket.

Trump defied Biden’s phony claims that his policies are helping the environment. The 45th president said the country had the highest air numbers under his administration. He seems to believe we can both protect our environment, while still producing oil and gas. That seemed to be the case while he was in office. But the radical left—who apparently are calling the shots—don’t agree.

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