Donald Trump’s Memoir Shakes The Book World – In Just 2 Months, The Former President Has Made $20 Million

We learned, a few months ago, that the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, was releasing a photo memoir of his first term in office. Donald Trump Jr actually set up his own publishing firm to release the book, as it seemed liberal-controlled mainstream book publishers refused to back him. Regardless, he announced the book “Our Journey Together” and made it available online.

Soon afterward, word came out that early copies had been sold out. Trump’s publishing company raced to secure more copies, announcing this month that they were available. Now, we are learning just how many books 45 has sold. And it would make any writer drool with envy.

From Daily Mail:

Donald Trump’s coffee table book Our Journey Together has raked in a hefty $20 million in a sales in the less than two months since its debut, it was reported on Monday…

The book, a departure from traditional post-presidential memoirs that involve detailed reflections on the commander-in-chief’s White House and hundreds of pages of narrative, went on sale less than two months ago.

After only two months on sale, Trump’s photo memoir of the White House has made over $20 million. Just keep that in perspective. Most new books are lucky to move a few thousand copies. Even bestsellers rarely make a million dollars or more. This is a photo book, to boot, which meant it was costly to print (especially since it was reportedly printed in America, not China). And it was more expensive than your average paperback—at $75 a copy.

What does that tell you about people’s excitement to get their hands on this book? Even the signed copies of the book—which ran $250—are sold out online.

This happened without the backing of a major publisher, without a heavy media campaign, and without it appearing on store shelves anywhere.

Imagine what kind of money this book could have made if a major publisher was smart enough to back it? But we know that mainstream publishing has long ago been taken over by the left, much like the MSM and the entertainment industry. They’d rather shoot themselves in the foot than make a hefty payday.

But Trump is laughing all the way to the bank. He and his allies were willing to do all the hard work of setting up a publishing company, finding a printer, and distributing and shipping, without help from the mainstream sellers. And for that, they’ve already made $20 million.

I’m sure Democrats won’t give Trump credit for this accomplishment. But something tells me Biden couldn’t hit that mark. Not even close.

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