Dr. Fauci Caught Losing it On Hot Mic – He Could Lose America’s Trust After They Hear Him Mutter Under His Breath “Moron”

We think it’s safe to say Anthony Fauci is hardly the respected figure he was two years ago. Once upon a time, he was the go-to man for critical news and guidance on the 2020 crisis.

But the man, who championed economy-crippling policies and controversial “mandates,” was exposed after emails were released to the public. He was even forced to admit he had lied to the American people.

His fall from grace continued after evidence suggested his agency supported efforts in Wuhan. Then there was the shocking news he funded cruel experiments on puppies in Africa. Can this guy do anything more to repulse the American public? Oh, yes, he can. As seen in this recent “hot mic” moment.

From Twitter:

HOT MIC MOMENT: After clashing with GOP Sen. Roger Marshall, Dr. Fauci was caught muttering, “what a moron,” followed by “Jesus Christ.”

To date, over 3 million viewers watched this short clip of so-called expert Fauci insulting a senator to his face and then using the name of Jesus Christ as a cuss word. Not great, Fauci, not great.

The man has been brought before Congress numerous times to explain his position. Often, he is forced to contend with Republicans who rightfully challenge his views and decisions.

At the very least, we expect this man—who has worked in the federal government for decades—to show a little decorum. He doesn’t have to like Sen. Marshall or Sen. Paul, but give us a break. Do we really need him calling an elected official a “moron” and then taking the Lord’s name in vain?

(Sure, He might not be Fauci’s Lord, but He is for many of us.)

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This disgraceful episode comes after nearly a year of scandals that plagued the man. The biggest has been reports that Fauci backed “gain of function” research in China. This research might be connected to the crisis that has rocked the entire planet since 2019.

Senators like Rand Paul have been holding the man’s feet to the fire. But Democrats like Joe Biden appear to be protecting Fauci, even though his credibility has been shot.

Perhaps this will be a breaking point for the American people? Democrats won’t do anything to hold Fauci accountable, but if Republicans retake Congress this year—he’s in big trouble.

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