Dr. Zelenko With A BOMBSHELL: Where Did The Flu Go

We wanted to end the censorship and propaganda once and for all. For decades we have been fighting against the propagandist media that forced people to sleep and gave millions of dollars to the unsuspecting people.

For so long, the big media suppressed and censored the experts, doctors, scientists, and pharmaceutical whistleblowers, patients, and nurses.

However, we won’t stop here.

Now we have bombshell news for you, and that’s linked with the C-19 treatment.

Dr. Zev Zelenko is famous because he has saved many lives, and 99.9% were of high-risk C-19 patients.

He is a Nobel Prize nominee and a recipient of the nomination for the Presidential Medal of freedom.

Zelenko thinks that the early treatment protocol is the thing that saves money. The globalist tried to force him to remain silent, and he opposed the threats and didn’t stop.

The doctor created the ZStack, which he refers to as the C-19 Killer. Previously this doctor went on this program to share how Zinc kills coronavirus.

Quercitin represents the gun that shoots the bullet (Zinc), and the vitamin C and D3 is the formula to keep people healthy and immune to the virus.

You have to know about ZStack, and Dr. Zelenko made this formula available for kids.

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