Durham’s Investigation Lands On Biden And Clinton – Their Inner Circles Are Full Of Indictment Connections

Although it’s taken a while, Special Counsel John Durham’s probe into “Russiagate” has been making headway recently. Several people have been indicted over his investigation. And guess what?

They all have ties leading them back to high-ranking people in D.C. And—big surprise—they are all Democrats.

From Fox News:

Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s White House national security adviser, is the “foreign policy advisor” referred to in the indictment of former Hillary Clinton presidential campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, according to two well-placed sources.

Sullivan seems to be connected with a man now indicted by Durham. But there’s more. From Fox News:

A key player in the debunked Steele dossier gave thousands of dollars to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other Democrats…

FEC filings reveal that Democrat spin doctor Charles Dolan has given over $60,000 to Democrats, including Clinton.

And now, other Democrats are being exposed for their support of the debunked “dossier.” From Fox News:

Special Counsel John Durham’s indictment of Igor Danchenko… has cast new scrutiny on the Democrats who previously hyped the debunked document…

Several Democrats, including House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., consistently promoted the infamous dossier…

John Durham has been chasing down leads to get to the bottom of the Steele dossier, the document central to the FBI’s “investigation” of Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign. And it appears that the men he has so far indicted have close connections to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

In fact, Joe Biden’s own national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, is listed as a “foreign policy advisor” in the indictment against Michael Sussman, who is being charged for lying to the FBI. An unnamed lawyer working for Clinton discussed allegations made by Sussman with Sullivan and other staffers.

Hot on the heels of this news is a story about a big-time Democrat donor, who gave Clinton $5,000 during her 2016 campaign. This man, Charles Dolan, is connected to the indictment of Igor Danchenko. Dolan himself supplied information to Steele’s debunked dossier, something that came out after Danchenko was indicted.

Then we have Democrats like Schiff. Men like him pushed the dossier for years as ammunition to go after Trump. As more news comes out proving this dossier was crafted by Democrats to set up the 45th president, Democrat congressmen are being pulled into the spotlight.

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Schiff himself repeatedly said the dossier was factual and enough to take Trump down. And evidence suggests he knew it wasn’t factual, despite his allegations.

This raises plenty of questions. Why are all these indicted snakes so closely-associated with top Democrats in D.C.? And why do Democrats seem to work with people who like to go outside the law?

Perhaps Durham should take a closer look at Clinton, Biden, and everyone else who so happily worked with these possible criminals?

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