Elon Musk Just Took The Fight To Hillary Clinton – The Billionaire Goes Directly After Her In Tweet

Democrats were hit hard when Elon Musk, who is in the process of buying Twitter, announced he was voting Republican.

But he was far from done, calling out Democrats’ corruption. When news broke that Hillary Clinton greenlit the leaking of false data about Trump, someone tweeted to Elon about some Clinton posted years ago.

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From Twitter:

Elon did not hesitate to respond, calling out Clinton’s actions.

From Twitter:

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Musk was unafraid to wade into the recent revelations coming from Michael Sussmann’s trial. Clinton’s former campaign manager revealed that she was the one who leaked information against Trump to the media.

Although the campaign and the DNC claimed they didn’t trust the information, it was Clinton to pushed to send it to the press.

A Twitter user tweeted out to Musk, calling out a post from Clinton claiming “computer scientists” uncovered a “covert server link” between Trump and Russia.

That was the very data she wanted sent to the media, despite the fact she knew it was either fake or unreliable.

Musk responded by agreeing that the tweet should have been labeled misinformation, calling it a “Clinton campaign hoax.”

Previously, Musk expressed frustration that donations he had made to Clinton (back in 2016) were used to fund this hoax.

It seems like Musk is not afraid to call out the Democrats’ history of corruption. Such a figure standing up against the left is huge.

He is essentially supporting Trump’s “Russiagate” claims, that Democrats tried to frame the 45th president as a Russian puppet.

Many more Americans might learn (for the first time) how dishonest and crooked the left is.

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