Elon Musk Unleashes On Elizabeth Warren – The Billionaire Says “Her Salary Is Paid For By The Taxpayer Like Me”

The war of words between one of richest men on earth and one of the most controversial politicians in America rages on. Warren vs. Musk is now a hot-ticket battle in the social arena.

Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren ripped Elon Musk for being a “freeloader,” and claimed he didn’t pay taxes. This prompted swift retaliation from Musk, who called the statement blatantly false.

Musk quickly took to Twitter (where he currently has 67.8 million followers) and lambasted Warren in a series of scathing posts.

This included one tweet that read:

You remind me of when I was a kid and my friend’s angry Mom would just randomly yell at everyone for no reason.

Please don’t call the manager on me, Senator Karen 🙏.

Musk added in a widely circulated tweet that he pays more taxes than just about anyone in the country ($11 billion in 2021 alone), and reminded Sen. Warren of this fact.

That took the form of this post:

And if you opened your eyes for 2 seconds, you would realize I will pay more taxes than any American in history this year.

Don’t spend it all at once … oh wait you did already.

But it didn’t end there.

Musk then did an interview with The Babylon Bee and doubled down on his position. He criticized Warren for her evident lie and further reminded America that in fact, they’re paying Warren’s salary.

After saying “she struck first, obviously,” citing Warren’s “freeloader” attack, Musk said:

And she doesn’t pay taxes, basically at all. And her salary is paid for by the taxpayer, like me.

If you could die by irony, she would be dead. If irony could kill.

Warren’s response was to spend thousands to promote Facebook ads that kept going after Musk.

These six ads called him a “freeloading billionaire” and that he “avoids taxes,” while also calling for a “wealth tax.” One of the ads also asks viewers to contribute $10 to Warren’s campaign.

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t go over well with the billionaire inventor and entrepreneur.

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Those supporting Musk in this argument point toward the rising socialist trend in the Democrat party, and maintain that it’s one of the biggest dangers America faces today.

The idea that the rich “don’t pay taxes” – which is, of course, demonstrably false – continues to circulate among liberal followers, and people like Musk are simply attempting to combat this propaganda with the truth.

Whether or not the ultra wealthy pay enough is always subject to debate, however.

To many, though, it seems Warren is being wildly hypocritical in her stance as an elected official, and is showing that she either doesn’t understand how the tax code works, or doesn’t want to understand.

But no matter how it shakes out, the Warren/Musk feud is likely to remain entertaining for some time.

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