Exodus Reshapes Red And Blue States In 2021 – California NY And D.C. Suffer Major Declines To TX and FL

America has made it through 2021. But despite an entire year between us and 2020, Democrat-run states still act like we’re at the beginning of that year’s crisis.

Governors, mayors, and city councils push strict measures that infringe on Americans’ liberties. And—big surprise—Americans are sick and tired of it.

Even now, California’s left-wing governor is pushing another indoor mask mandate. You’d think by now, every leader in the country would be pushing for normalcy, eager to get their state on track (especially since Biden’s “Build Back Better Bailout” flopped). But no, they are still grabbing for control over every part of their citizens’ lives.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn about how America is reshaping itself before our eyes. From Free Beacon:

Millions of Americans fled Democratic-run states and flocked to Republican-run states in 2021, the Census Bureau reported on Tuesday…

Washington, D.C., which is not a state and will never deserve statehood, in 2021 lost almost 3 percent of its population.

Not surprisingly, New York experienced the second-largest decline in population (1.6 percent), followed by Illinois (0.9 percent), Hawaii (0.7 percent), and California (0.7 percent) … By contrast, nearly all of the states that boasted a significant increase in population last year were solidly Republican.

A trend that we’ve seen for years has only gotten stronger. In 2021, many more Americans fled blue states for good. Washington, D.C., New York, Illinois, Hawaii, and California—perhaps some of the bluest in the nation—saw their populations decline by large numbers.

Where are all these people going? Conservative-run states, including Utah, Montana, Texas, and Florida. Millions of Americans are leaving Democrat-run states for greener pastures.

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But it’s not just harsh mandates that are driving residents away from New York and California. Blue states have the highest taxes in the country. They turn a blind eye to border jumpers and migrant caravans. And let’s not forget the left’s latest fad: putting criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens.

Crime is so bad in California, that some residents just leave their car trunks open, so criminals won’t smash their windows! And liberals say they know better than us on how to run the country?

All of this has amounted to an exodus from liberal states. And if you think it is over, you’re dreaming. We should expect more Americans to flee these states in the coming years.

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