EXPOSED: The Dem’s Hypocritical ‘Attack On The Supreme Court’

The National Review has just reported an amazing OP-ED article, written by Mario Loyola, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which detailed “how Democrats are launching “preemptive strikes on the legitimacy of today’s Supreme Court” ahead of the 2022 midterm elections and 2024 presidential election.”

Loyola cited a piece from a liberal law professor who argued that in order to protect the Supreme Court’s legitimacy, one of the conservative justices should step down so Democrats can fill the seat.

Here’s what Douglas wrote:

“And just as we might hope that a person who, through no fault of their own, has come into possession of a good not rightfully theirs, would return that object, Coney Barrett and Gorsuch could do the right thing for the nation by agreeing that one of them should step down.”

And here’s how Loyola exposed the hypocrisy that this statement contains:

“Douglas argues that one of the two justices’ seats is “not rightfully theirs” because, “if presidents do not get to replace justices in an election year, then Coney Barrett’s confirmation is illegitimate; if presidents do, then Gorsuch’s is illegitimate. You can’t have it both ways.”In fact, both confirmations complied with constitutional requirements.

The Constitution provides that Supreme Court seats are to be filled by the president, with the advice and consent of the Senate. This assignment of roles can get confusing, but it’s not rocket science. Critics have argued that Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland was the same as Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett: Both occurred in an election year, and Mitch McConnell should have brought both of them up for a vote.”

also, reports state that approval rates of the supreme court have increased massively over the last year. A Gallup poll found that Americans’ opinions of the Supreme Court have plummeted to 40%, down from 49% in July.

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