‘Fang Fang’ Swalwell Served FEC Complaint – The California Democrat Is Accused Of ‘Troubling’ Campaign Finance Violations

How Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell is still a Congressman could be one of life’s biggest mysteries. The Bay Area congressman was outed last year over his relationship with known Chinese spy, Fang Fang. He got so close to this woman—who was apparently trying to manipulate American lawmakers—that the FBI had to get involved.

That alone should have gotten him kicked out of Congress. But, shockingly, he’s still around and on powerful committees.

But perhaps Pelosi should have kicked Eric to the curb when she had the chance. Now, all House Democrats are going to look pretty bad. Because Eric’s back in the hot seat once again. This time, it is an allegation he may not worm out of so easily. From Fox News:

A government watchdog group filed a Federal Elections Commission (FEC) complaint against Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., alleging the congressman’s campaign improperly paid personal expenses…

The complaint, exclusively obtained by Fox News, alleges that the Swalwell campaign’s FEC reports suggest “anomalies in campaign expenditures that raise troubling questions as to whether campaign disbursements went towards personal use or to the direct benefit of family members.”

A watchdog group filed an FEC complaint against Democrat Eric Swalwell. They are accusing the congressman of using campaign cash on “personal expenses.” Among the allegations in the report is that he used funds for Starbucks gift cards, a family member’s “childcare,” tickets to a musical, and personal medical testing.

This complaint is still pending, but if it is taken up by the FEC, Swalwell could be in big trouble. Democrats might be able to worm out of other crimes, but campaign finance violation is treated pretty seriously by our government. If they find out he was improperly using campaign funds, he could face stiff penalties.

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Some people have lost their careers, even gone to jail over similar charges.

What will become of Swalwell? We can’t say. Pelosi is good at protecting her allies in Congress. These allegations could have been swirling around the House for some time. But Democrats have refused to investigate them. It took the work of a nonprofit group to bring them to light. Even then, Congress will most likely do nothing.

Hey, if they ignored the fact he was literally sleeping with the enemy, they might ignore this as well.

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