FAUCI Act Introduced By Senator Marshall – After Fauci Calls Him A Moron Marshall Bill Would Make Fauci Turn Over Financial Records

When it was reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci would receive $350,000 each year after retiring – the largest retirement package in government history – people started asking questions.

This included Republican Sen. Roger Marshall, who got into a tense exchange this week with the White House chief doctor. Things got especially heated when Marshall called out Fauci’s finances.

And now, the Senator intends to introduce the “FAUCI Act.”

On Tuesday, Dr. Fauci was caught on hot mic calling the Kansas senator a “moron” after Marshall asked him if he’d be willing to release his financial records to the public.

Fauci replied by saying that his financial information was “public knowledge,” though the Senator said his office had been unable to find those documents. Not long after came Fauci’s now-infamous insult.

This has led to Sen. Marshall writing up the FAUCI Act, which will ensure that people like Fauci will have to produce their financial records on a website.

Via Washington Examiner:

Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall will introduce the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals Act after Fauci insulted him in the aftermath of a heated debate in the Senate earlier this week, a spokesperson for the senator told the Hill.

The FAUCI Act would mandate that the Office of Government Ethics present the financial records for people such as Fauci on its website…

Marshall is doubling down on the request he made during that fiery exchange on Capitol Hill.

He told Fox that “Dr. Fauci has lost his reputation” and that he “lied to Congress again.” The Senator isn’t the only lawmaker to accuse Fauci of lying to America in recent months, either.

Marshall added:

As you pointed out, the highest paid federal employee in the government, over $400,000 a year.

But even more than that, he oversees $5 billion of grants, including significant amounts to Wuhan, China, via EcoHealth.

Don’t you think you’d like to know if he’s getting any type of funds from Wuhan, China, or is it from the Chinese government?

Dr. Fauci contended that Marshall was “getting amazingly wrong information,” because his records had always been public. The Senator maintained that such records weren’t visible at all.

Marshall also said Fauci had had a “frustrating day” because of a recently released report.

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That report apparently said Fauci had given tax dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which has been a touchy subject for the White House top doctor since the pandemic began back in 2020.

On top of this, many believe Dr. Fauci has financially benefited from the pandemic in a variety of ways. This too is an inflammatory topic on Capitol Hill.

But if Sen. Marshall has his way, Fauci and other government personnel will be forced to provide their financial information to the public on a particular website. This will make that info truly visible to all.

Transparency on all fronts remains a big concern for much of America, that’s for certain.

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