Federal Appeals Court Sends Biden Flailing – They Just Refused To Restart Joe’s Federal Mandate During Case

Last month, the Supreme Court struck a huge blow in Biden’s radical agenda. They ruled against his mandate aimed at millions of employees within private businesses. But that was only one of many mandates his administration spewed out. Including one that was directed at federal employees.

That mandate, as well, has been challenged in federal court. Federal workers face losing their jobs or giving up their freedoms, thanks to Comrade Joe. The case is still being decided by an appeals court. In the meantime, Biden will not be able to enforce it.

From CNN:

A federal appeals court said Wednesday it would not reinstate President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees while it reviews a lower court’s order putting the requirement on hold — potentially setting the stage for the case to go to the Supreme Court…

The court said the Biden administration’s request to put the lower court’s ruling on hold was being “carried with the case,” signaling that the appeals court would not rule on the request until it had conducted a fuller review of the case.

Biden’s mandate affected 3.5 million Americans who work for the federal government. If implemented, they would have been forced to choose between their jobs and their constitutional liberties. But the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decided to freeze the mandate, while the court decides the case.

It’s uncertain, right now, how the court will rule. Often, a decision like this hints at how the court will ultimately rule. If they are willing to suspend the mandate for now, it means they might not support it at all. But signs suggest it will not end here and the case will go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Even if the court rules in favor of Biden, it will do the administration no good. These mandates have been one of the worst decisions it ever made. Few Americans support the government forcing them to receive a medical procedure. It turned Biden into a tyrant who is trying to run Americans’ lives—or else they lose their jobs.

What maniac thought these mandates were a good idea? We know Joe didn’t come up with them; someone in his administration told him to do it, and he was stupid enough to agree. But this one decision sealed his presidency.

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