Federal Court Hands Texas A Major Ruling – They Just Went All-In On GOP’s Controversial “SB8” Law

Multiple hot topics continue to circulate through America in 2021. This includes the southern border situation, the ongoing pandemic, and most recently, the Afghanistan crisis.

But there’s always controversy surrounding health care, especially in regards to abortion. There’s still a pretty clear divide between Republicans and Democrats on this issue.

And the GOP just earned a significant victory on that battlefield.

Back in 2017, Texas enacted a law known as “SB8.” It was highly controversial and divided pro-life and pro-choice advocates even further.

It didn’t ban abortions, but it specifically stopped a certain abortion procedure that was often used to end pregnancies in their second trimester. Pro-Life supporters say it’s especially barbaric.

That’s why they dubbed it “dismemberment abortion” (the medical term is “dilation and evacuation”).

Pro-Choice groups immediately fought the law, so even though it’s been on the books for years, it has never been enforced.

But now it will be. Via Washington Examiner:

A federal appeals court in New Orleans on Wednesday upheld a 2017 Texas statute outlawing an abortion procedure typically used to end second-trimester pregnancies.

A majority of the judges from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals … ruled this week in favor of backing the statute that blocks certain procedures without ensuring whether the fetus is still alive.

This ends the long-standing fight between pro-abortion plaintiffs and defendants from the Republican party, including Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Paxton and others were always in support of the law, and they got it passed. But they quickly ran into a pro-choice roadblock, so they’ve been battling it out in court for a long time.

In the end, though, the GOP defendants got the decision.

The judges concluded that “through a binary framework — that either D&Es can be done only by live dismemberment or else women cannot receive abortions in the second trimester — is to accept a false dichotomy.”

Unsurprisingly, abortion rights groups weren’t happy with the ruling.

The Center for Reproductive Rights is already weighing their legal options, for example. And CEO Nancy Northup said:

Texas has been hellbent on legislating abortion out of existence, and it is galling that a federal court would uphold a law that so clearly defies decades of Supreme Court precedent.

However, there’s nothing Northup can do for the time being.

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The ruling is clear and the case – at least for the time being – is over. This means the SB8 law remains in place, and it can now be enforced in the state of Texas.

Other states have similar laws and abortion rights groups continue to fight those as well.

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